Ranked 7th overall for Defold's "Web Monetization Challenge 2020"


  • If you are lost, try to find the nearest landmark on the map to get a sense of direction
  • To get new treasure maps, find the previous treasure then click on the Obelisk in the center of the island


  • WASD / Arrow Keys - Walk
  • Left Click - shoot, swing, and interact with buildings
  • Space - Interact with items (Chests, Lore, etc.)
  • M - Open up the current map
  • Scroll Up / Q - Switch to next equipment
  • Scroll Down / E - Switch to previous equipment


  • Character Creator
  • 5 unique maps
  • 7 unique building options
  • In-game Tutorial
  • Top-Down Combat
  • Hidden Lore
  • Interactable game items (chests, boxes, dirt piles, etc.)
  • Enemy Progression
  • In-game soundtrack for Pro Account users

Pro Account Benefits:

  • With an active Pro Account, you have access to gold generation in-game that is not available to regular players. You also have the option to change which song on the soundtrack is playing at any point in the game. (See below on how to setup a Pro Account)

How to get a Pro Account (Requires $):

  1. Go to coil.com/signup and create an account.
  2. Once you account has been created go to the home page of coil.com and scroll down until you see a download for the Coil browser extension.
  3. Click on the browser icon on coil.com that you are currently using and then click Get/Add to Browser.
  4. You're all set! Coil with then begin to make payments when playing our game, giving you Pro Account access.



  • Ian (IanGoGo)
  • Jared (jaredmv)


  • Dark Fantasy Studio
  • Nicolas Jeudy

Cover Image:

  • Jordan (Instagram: @absurd.mind.art)

Future Content:

We ran pretty close on time with this Jam but these are some of the things we would like to add in the near future / after this Jam.

  1. More maps
  2. Experiment by developing for a mobile platform
  3. Different types of quests
  4. Adding crew mates that have their own set of skills
  5. More buildings for base building

Version 1.01 Is here!


  • Updated title card to be more clear
  • No longer have to leave and come back to an island to dig up lore
  • Fixed Olympus to prevent issues
  • Enemy pathfinding improved

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